Top 10 Songs Written By Green Day

Green Day has reached their success at a young age and was among the very few fortunate artists or band that had made into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Green Day started their journey at a tender age of fourteen. It was started By Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool joined the team later.

Their debut EP was ‘1000 Hours’ and in their journey of over 30 years their last release was album ‘Revolution Radio.’ The California punk Rockers Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre cool have undergone the journey of obscurity to recognition with the help of their songs. With these songs they have been uniting the young rock fans all over the world for years. Here are top 10 songs by them

Number 10: ‘Brain Stew / Jaded’

This song is from ‘Insomniac’ that was written during 1995 by Billie Joe Armstrong. It was written by him during the period when he was suffering from Insomnia and thus named the album so. The album ‘Insomniac’ was follow up to “Dookie” and it was nowhere near it in terms of success. There were very few memorable songs in it and this one being one of them. This medley with two tracks is the highlight of the album and appears at the middle of the album. There is dirge-like guitar riff that takes most of the song, ‘brain stew’ runs for about 4: 45 and the last minute is ‘Jaded’ that recalls the band’s punk root.

Number 9: ‘J.A.R’

Although written during the ‘Dookie’ session by bassist Mike Dirnt, however, it was left off the album. Later this song was unied as sountrack in the movie ‘Angus’ which was not that successful. This song was a tribute from Dirnt to his friend Jason Andrew Relva who died in a car accident. This song reached the top position of modern rock chart and thus became super hit during the live shows. With its chainsaw guitar and rolling drums it was like ‘Dookie’ outtake.

Number 8: ‘Holiday’

This song is often considered as anti-American war but Green Day wants to symbolize this song as Anti-war song. It mentions about the American government during the Iraq war. It was the third single of the album American Idiot released in 2004. In this song the resentment of general public is highlighted towards the corruption and corporate greed. To be on Holiday means that the writer want to run away from the greed and the political environment lead during the war. This song is popularized as it was able to touch the nerve of young people then.

Number 7: ‘Jesus of Suburbia’

This song is also from the same album “American idiots” released during 2004. Actually Jesus of Suburbia is the Protagonist of American idiot who is a kid who hates his family, home and friends. This album is a rock opera that has five different movements. Part I tells about the home life of Jesus of Suburbia, Part II is about City of damned where he find that he hates his home and friends. Part III shows how he hates everything around him and thus says “I Don’t care.” Part IV was “dearly beloved and Part V was Tales from another Broken Home where Jesus runs away without knowing where he is heading to. Armstrong mentions later that this song has changed the way they had thought their music to be.

Number 6: ‘Longview’

This song was the first Single by Green Day that was released on any major label like Reprise Records. It was part of the album Dookie in 1994. It is a type of funny song where they found life as boring and themselves as loser. Only masturbation was the relive from everything! However this song includes one of the finest and coolest bass intros one can find in rock history.

Number 5: ‘American Idiot’

The title song from American idiots released in 2004 gave Green day that same height that they had during Dookie. Especially when their fans were thinking whether they can ever reach to the height that they had been before 10 years? This song refers to the nation when George W. Bush II was reelected and the political situation of the country was full of vigor and venom.

Number 4: ‘When I Come Around’

This track is from Green Day’s first major album “dookie” and it’s about the frustration that Billie Joe Armstrong had for being away from his girlfriend and now his wife. He realized that the road of life is not easy and especially when you are travelling your personal relationships can also come on stake. It shows the anxiety and loneliness of a lover who is far from his sweet heart.

Number 3: ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’

There is no doubt that with tracks like this the album ‘American idiots’ won the best Rock album in Grammy awards of the year 2004. Many believe that this song is the most commercially successful song of Green Day. It also had the Grammy for the Record of the Year. This song is all about the estrangement of the people. This song is set against the backdrop of loneliness. The vocal harmony along with the lush instrumentation is something that makes music fans to love this song.

Number 2: ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’

Included in the album “nimrod” of 1997, this song is written by the lead singer of Green day Armstrong when his girlfriend left him and when to Ecuador. He tried to be sensible about the whole incidence but through this song he showed his anger and thus named this song as “good riddance.” “Time of Your Life” is the sub title here. This song shows how one should move on without questioning life. Brimming with acoustic Guitar and string interlude, this song marks the quality that this band will produce in future.

Number 1: ‘Basket Case’

This may not be the top commercially successful song by Green Day, but it’s the best representative of the band “Green Day.” It has almost everything that includes Buzzing guitars, drum fills and melodious. This song is about those anxiety attacks that Armstrong had that he was alone!