Top 10 Interesting Facts about Green Day Band

More than 30 years Green Day is rocking the Bay area with their pop punk music. They had started as snot-nosed punk, who used to sing about smoking pot, girls and masturbating and with time Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool mastered the skills of a rock music band.  Dookie, American Idiot, 21st century Breakdown are all masterpieces created by them that rocked the charts. Winner of five Grammy awards they had been many fascinating experiences throughout their musical journey.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Green Day:

#1 Real name of the members

The name of band members is Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool. The birth certificate of Billie mentions him by Billy, mistakenly! Mike Dirnt was born as Michael Ryan Pritchard and Tré Cool as Frank Edwin Wright III, hence he got the nickname Tré. The most interesting fact is that all of them born in the same year 1972!

Apart from that they have Jason white as their touring member since 1999 who officially became their member in 2012.

#2 They have had more than one official drummer

World knows Tré Cool as their official drummer, but he had not always been there. The band was formed as Sweet Children and then Al Sobrante was their official drummer. After he left the band for attending college Tré Cool was introduced to Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt for filling the band. Now, the chemistry between the trios is a history.

#3 First Guitar of Billie Joe

Billie Joe got his first guitar from his father that was a cherry red acoustic guitar. His mother gifted him his first electric guitar when he was of eleven years of age. Billie nicknamed his guitar as “Blue.” This guitar was used by Armstrong during their tours and also features in the videos of “Longview”, “Basket Case” and others.

Blue is a blue and white Fernades Stratocaster with different stickers on it. this guitar has become iconic now and replicas of the guitar is made for purchase.

#4 The Band was banned from playing Gilman Street

Although they got their start from 924 Gilman Street, they were banned from playing there after Green Day signed to the major label Warner Reprise. Recently, after they played at the venue for a benefit cause this ban was overturned. Currently they have a tribute album for benefitting the upcoming bands from Bay area.

#5 The Bookmobile

During their first US tour in the early nineties, Green Day rode through the country in an old Book mobile (a mobile library.) Later Tre’s father converted this bookmobile into their touring bus. He alos serves as the band’s driver.

#6 Like Father Like Sons

Son of Billie Joe Armstrong, Joey and Jakob Armstrong are both budding musicians. Joey is the drummer for a punk band Swmrs. Billie Armstrong had produced three albums of the band and released those on his label Adeline Records. Same way, Jakob is a singer, guitarist and songwriter who released his first track in 2015.

Moreover, in 2011 Billie Armstrong also formed a band along with his two sons and wife called ‘The Boo.’

#7 Armstrong is an Everly Brothers Fan

Armstrong is fan of Everly Brother and ahter he heard their cover album ‘Song our Daddy taught Us,’ he decided to cover the album. His wife advised him to ask Norah Jones, the songstress to duet along with him on the album. Their song ‘Foreverly’ was released during November 2013. After just two months of the release Phil Everly passed away making the release more poignant.

#8  Dirnt Owns a Restaurant

The restaurant that was featured in the song, ‘diners, drive-Ins and dives’ in 2010 is owned by Mike Dirnt. He knows about the good places to buy burger in Bay area and is the owner of ‘Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café’ in Emeryville. In 2011, another restaurant with the same name was opened in Oakland.

#9 They Share Songwriting Duties

In the band, Armstrong plays as the chief songwriter, but he is not the only one. Both Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt have participated in writing songs for the band.

Some of Dirnt’s creations are “Nobody Likes You,” “Ha Ha You’re Dead” and “Modern World.” Additions by Tre Cool are “Dominated Love Slave,” “Rock and Roll Girlfriend,” “DUI,” “All By Myself,” and “Like A Rat Does Cheese.”

#10 Green Day are the Youngest Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Armstrong, Dirnt and Cool have become inductees into the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame at just an age of 43. They were inducted the very first year they become eligible in 2015.