Green Day Tour Dates 2017 & Tickets & Concerts


The history of Green Day dates back to 1986, where two school friends of 14 years of age started a group named “Sweet Children.” Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were then joined by a few performers like Sean Hughes, Ray Punjabi and others who stayed with them for s short period. With al Sonrante as their drummer “sweet Children’ changed to Green day and they recorded their first EP “1,000 hours” in the year 1989. After Al Sonrante left the band it was joined by Tre Cool that formed the trio which rocks the punk music world till date.

The band had successful albums that attracted big labels like Reprise Records. Then they relsaed their third album “Dookie” and the rest is history. There were a number of rock chart busters that included “Basket Case,” “Longview” and “when I come around.” The record alos led them to certain controversial concert performances at Woodstock or Lollapalooza and all these added to their enhancing popularity. The next lot of albums were successful but not as Dookie. “Insomniac” during 1995, “Nimrod” in 1997, and “Warning” in 2000 had hit songs but they were not able to create the magic of “Dookie.”

Then came “American Idiot” that gave then international success. The title song along with “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was sold all over the world. This record also won them the Best Rock album in Grammy awards. It paved their success story towards their highest charting album of 2009, “21st Century Breakdown.”  In 2012 they were inducted to the Rock and roll hall of Fame. Presently their latest album “Revolution Radio” has released.

Ticket prices

Enjoying the live performance of this rocking band is something that haunts every music lover. To fulfill the wish of their fans they hold concerts all around the world and on these Tours they perform their best so that their fans can enjoy them LIVE!

During 2017 Green Day have still more than 70 concerts left. Whether its England or Australia, their fans can enjoy them by buying the tickets of the show. Depending upon the location the ticket prices varies from $50 to $300.

There are different online sites from where one can get their ticket. Most of the sites will give the outline of the seating arrangements so that one can choose the best seat. Mostly the seats in front of the stage are considered best. Moreover, the demand for tickets is too high as they tour a place after years. Like they have been to Manchester before 6 years and now they are present there!

While buying the tickets online one can get the information about when to gather the tickets or whether the tickets will be delivered at their doorstep. There are certain VIP tickets available at every concert and some of their prices may range to $1500.

Short Bio

Green Day is considered as punk revivalist who started their journey at the age of 14 in Rodeo, California. Sweet Children, their rock punk band was formed by two childhood friends Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt in 1986 that performed as lead vocalist, guitarist and bassist respectively.

During 1989 they changed their name to Green day when Al Sonrante, drummer joined their team. And to celebrate this union they released their first EP ‘1000 hours,’ which was well accepted in the punk world of California. They then signed their contract with the local label Lookout and released ‘Smoothed out Slappy hour.’ Howveer after this they relaced their drummer. Their third member the drummer Tre Cool joined this team in 1990 and they recorded their second studio album Kerplunk.

The success of Kerplunk increases the interest of music world and they started getting offers from major record labels. They signed with Reprise Records and released Dookie, which become a major success along with the MTV support. The album was on the top of American modern rock charts and it had sold over 5 million copies in the US itself! Internationally more than 11 million copies were sold.  It even bagged the 1994 Grammy for Best alternative Music performance.

Although the albums that followed Dookie was not a massive hit yet Insomniac (1995), Nimrod (1997) and Warning (2000) were successful. They hit the number one in chart buster with J.A.R from Insomniac. Warning had their fastest super hit single “Minority” that hit the charts faster than any other song by Green Day. Later they release two compilation from their earlier albums along with a few new songs, namely International Super hits and Shenanigans.

Released during 2004, the band’s rock opera, ‘American Idiot’ leaped forward their career and younger generation too started following them. However, their eighth album 21st Century Breakdown is considered to their best performance as per Charts. Their 12th studio album Revolution Radio was released on October 2016.

Winner of Five Grammy awards, Green Day have won two Tony awards too. They won Grammy awards for Dookie, as Best Alternative album, American idiot for best Rock Album and Best musical show album, Record of the year for ‘Boulevard of Broken dreams’ and 21st century Breakdown brought them best Rock album for second time. Green day has been ranked no. 91 in the list of 100 greatest artist of all Time.

During 2105 Green were included into the Rock & Roll hall of fame.  And it was then that producer Rob Cavallo announced for their latest album ‘Revolution radio’ that has already hit the stores during October 2016.

Till a team of three they plan to rock the World for coming years too. They are considered among the best Punk Rock band that is performing presently.

Top 5 Concerts

Green Day is a punk Rock band that has platinum selling Grammy awards to its credit. This group is among those few groups who were inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of fame at their first induction only. Apart from this their music is featured on Broadway too! Starting their journey from bay area California, this band has successfully won hearts all over the world.

Billie Joe Armstrong the founder of this band and the front man is a compelling musician who attracts everyone during the concert. However, it is true that Green Day have found huge success in their Studio acts but when it comes to concerts they are a bit tough to follow.

Here are the top 5 Concerts by the group

Woodstock 94, Saugerties, NY – Aug. 14, 1994

Whenever Green Day performs they simply rock the crowd and they did the same at Woodstock 94 on August 14, 1994. There they celebrated the 25 year anniversary of Woodstock. The show started with Billie Joe revving the crowd with his guitar driven frenzy. There were certain incidents that marled this event in a different way but the overall performance by the trio made those spell bound who were present there.

There was melee at the Woodstock, but before it started the trio that is Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt and Tre cool performed some of their magical numbers that included “basket case,” When I come around,” and “Paper Lanterns.” Then the mud battle started… till then everything was going right. Enjoy:

National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK – Jun. 19, 2005

The amazing trio Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool rocked the Brits during their 2005 American Idiot tour. They performed at Milton Keynes and it was simply too much for the British punk lovers. Everything over there was perfect and the performance was something that made the crowd mad. The result of this successful show was a CD with the title Bullet in a Bible that released the same year.

There were many other acts but the headliner was booked for Green Day. They performed 14 songs there that included “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” and the hit “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).”

Irving Plaza, NY – Sept. 15, 2012

The main advantage of Green Day is that they know how to handle their audience, whether it’s big in number or small. At Irving Plaza there are about 1000 seats for concert lovers and everybody had great excitement while Green Day trio performed. Over there they performed for about 38 songs that made the crows head over heels.

Among these songs they performed almost every hit song they had and that included “American Idiot,” “Know Your Enemy,” and many others. Manhattan made the California based rock band feel at home.

Rock Am Ring, Nürburgring, Nürburg, Germany – June 9, 2013

Another stunning performance by the band to win over the Germans during their Rock Am Ring concert. Armstrong, Dirnt and Cool were actually cool to make the crowd enjoy bit while they performed on stage.

Songs performed were “Welcome to Paradise,” “Nice guy finish last,” and many more.

The Forum, Inglewood, California, – Dec 11, 2016

In this concert they have also performed some parts from their latest release Revolution Radio in order to make the crowd mesmerized as they usually do.

Green Day Concert Photo

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Future Plans

It’s since 1986 now that Green Day has been entertaining the punk rock lovers. They have changed over a lot from a group that performed only punk to ones who have been the inductees to the Rock and roll Hall of Fame. They are the one who have seen success in their first album, Dookie and again there was not much success from few albums that succeeded Dookie.

Standing in 2017, this rock bands wants to plan their future in such way that they are able to entertain their followers more. They come up with a new release after every two to three years. They have released their last album in October 6 2016, so it is expected that they will be coming up with another new album by 2018 end or start of 2019. Apart from that Billie Joe Armstrong confirms that he is writing songs that will keep their fans on their toes.

They also plan to stay away from any controversy that they have been earlier. With the huge success that Green day enjoy the first aim of their future plans is to keep their followers busy with their performance. Hence, they have a lot of concerts planned all over the world so that anyone can watch them performing live.